The importance of transparency and translation for Fresh Produce wholesalers, by Ana Lourenço

The importance of transparency and translation for Fresh Produce wholesalers, by Ana Lourenço

According to studies made by a US fact-based research and consulting firm focused on food, related products and services, “58% of consumers agree that it is important to eat healthy and pay attention to nutrition”.

This represents an increase on healthy eating consciousness and has direct repercussions for the fruit and vegetable market. Changes in people’s awareness indicate a need for healthy food, thus the best fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Menu transparency is imperative and can help drive sales of healthy options,” said Sara Monnette, Sr. Director, Consumer Insights & Innovation at Technomic Inc. “ Telling an ingredient’s story — whether it’s farm-raised, local or GMO-free for instance, can directly impact consumer decisions about what to order and where to dine.”

All businesses need to communicate transparently with their audience and there is a distinctive need for marketing contents and business communication to be not just accurate but also effective and appealing.

Businesses are growing at the speed of light and Globalization has led to a drastic rise in the demand of professional translation services.

There are 5 main benefits of translating texts in this context:

· Help in cross-cultural communication between businesses

· Help you reach your future clients

· Communicate in a language that is not yours

· Appeal your audience / clients getting faster to your product

· Render trade / commercial relations / exchange of goods faster

Translators help in cross-cultural communication between businesses by adapting written or verbal language into the target language. Therefore, translators play a key role in global business.

In order to reach your future clients, you and your team need to be updated on the last trends on exotics you found out about at the last worldwide fair-trade you attended, right? Being updated on your business trends is having your marketing and business contents, corporate communication, contracts up to date and ready to send to your clients.

Having different countries you do business with, means communicating in a language that is not yours. This is what translators and interpreters do and their job involves much more than word-translation. There is word meaning, there is sentence meaning and there is a consistent message for the whole document, either a catalogue or a website to be visited by thousands of people.

I adapt your marketing and business contents in order to appeal your audience and deliver precise and pertinent work for your client’s attitudes and values.

Translation establishes logical communication between business partners and renders trade, commercial relations / exchange of goods faster. Translating accurately your product descriptions in your website, your order confirmations and other important documents, avoids fatal misinterpretations and therefore delays in delivery of products.

So what about having those contents in your client’s and prospect client’s native language? Your client would not only feel flattered when reading your brochures, leaflets and even your website in his native language, but he would also and more faster buy the product from you.

Depending on the nature of a business, companies may ask for different linguistic services like document translation, personal translation, website translation and many others. Among all these and despite the marketing boom of the last decade on international fruit and vegetable wholesaling companies, official document translations are often considered as the most sought after services by businesses.

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Ana Lourenço:

My name is Ana Lourenço and I’m passionate about helping businesses succeed online. Using language skills in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish combined with a thorough understanding of economics and business. Content, strategy and translation services between Portugal and English, French and Spanish speaking countries. This is where my skills meet what your business needs most: successful communication to allow your operations to grow.

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