2015 Nida School of Translation Studies – Concurso Aberto

The application period for the 2015 Nida School of Translation Studies is now open and will remain open until January 31, 2015. The Nida School of Translation Studies (NSTS), an annual two-week seminar, brings together experts from translation studies, religious discourse translation, and other cognate disciplines in a fully transdisciplinary working environment. Each seminar critically explores translation theory, linguistics, semiotics and cultural studies as they pertain to a well-defined topic or problem. Their transdisciplinary nature allows theorists and practitioners from many fields to cross disciplinary and methodological boundaries and develop new ways of thinking about translation and other fields of research.

The 2015 Nida School will take place May 18-29, 2015 on the San Pellegrino University Foundation campus in Misano Adriatico, Italy. It will explore the theme of "Leading Edges in Translation: World Literature and Performativity" with Nida Professors Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick) and Sandra Bermann (Princeton University). As past faculty member Rosemary Arrojo (Binghamton University) has reflected, "The NSTS has been instrumental in redefining and expanding the ways in which translation studies has been understood and conceptualized, particularly in Europe, and with its growing influence, worldwide as well." We are confident that this ninth iteration of the school will once again offer a very rich time of study and discussion together.

This link will bring anyone to the application site: https://nidainstitute.wufoo.com/forms/nsts-2015-associate-application-form/. More information may be found in the attachment and at http://nsts.fusp.it/Nida-Schools/NSTS-2015.


NSTS 2015 Promotional.pdf

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