CFP – TRIG Conference, 11-12 December 2014, Leuven , Belgium

TRIG Conference – Translation Research for Industry and Governance

Leuven, Belgium, 11-12 December 2014

Keynote Speaker:
Jan Blommaert (Tilburg University)
Fred Hollowood (Symantec, Centre for Next Generation Localisation)
Tove Hansen Malloy (European Centre for Minority Issues)

With the participation of Yves Gambier (Turku), Reine Meylaerts (KU Leuven), Anthony Pym (URV), Christina Schaeffner (Aston)

Organized by
Centre for Translation Studies (CETRA), KU Leuven
ITN project Translation Research Training: An integrated and intersectoral model for Europe (TIME)


Research in the humanities is increasingly under pressure to justify its applicability to real-world problems, if only to secure respectable funding. Research on translation, interpreting and localization is no exception. Academic projects are nowadays supposed to correspond in some way to needs beyond the academic world. At the same time, however, the training of researchers largely takes place within the walls of universities.

Here we are concerned with this problematic with respect to translation in a wide sense, including all forms of interpreting, audiovisual translation, localization and the use of translation technologies.

This conference will address issues including the following:

1. What kinds of interests do non-academic institutions (industry, NGOs, governmental and intergovernmental institutions) have in research on translation? What kind of research do they do on translation? What kind of research would they like to be doing?

2. How can such institutions participate in academic research? How can they assist in the training of researchers?

3. What arrangements can be made for funding, internships (“secondments”, practicums, stages) for researchers?

4. What experiences have we had in cooperation between academic researchers and non-academic institutions? Which have been positive? Which have been negative?

5. What channels of communication are open between academic research institutions and non-academic institutions? How can those channels be improved?

6. What kinds of research projects merit or seek industry involvement but are currently unable to find suitable partners? What kinds of industry projects are unable to find partners within academic institutions?

7. How does Europe (particularly in view of the largely failed Lisbon Strategy) compare with other parts of the world in this respect?

8. As academic research is pushed towards non-academic institutions, what are the threats to our independence? Can we still voice radical critiques?

Proposals for 20-minute papers and posters are invited on these and related issues. Proposals should be of about 500 words, including bibliography. They should be submitted via EasyChair at Please do not submit your proposals any other way.

We are particularly keen to attract representatives of non-academic organizations, with a view to promoting contacts for future research projects.

Deadline for proposals: 31 March 2014

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 May 2014.

TRIG Poster.pdf

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