CFP: Translation Spaces

Invitation for Submissions (Vol. 3, 2014)
Translation Spaces : A
multidisciplinary, multimedia, and multilingual journal of translation,
published annually by John Benjamins Publishing Company, has just completed
publication of Volume 2 and is currently accepting submissions for Volume 3!
The journal actively encourages researchers from diverse domains, and
publishes peer-reviewed articles (approximately 10,500 words) in seven
permanent topical tracks.

Please consult our guidelines
, and submit all
manuscripts through the online submission
and manuscript tracking site,
indicating for which track and Board member the manuscript is to be
addressed: (1) Translation, Globalization, and Communication Technology
(Frank Austermühl); (2) Translation, Information, Culture, and Society
(Gregory M. Shreve); (3) Translation, Government, Law and Policy (Michael
Geist); (4) Translation, Computation, and Information (Sharon O¹Brien); (5)
Translation and Entertainment (Minako O¹Hagan); (6) Translation, Commerce,
and Economy (Keiran J. Dunne); and (7) Translation as an Object of Study
(Ricardo Muñoz Martín).

Abstracts for submissions to be considered for publication in Volume 3
should be received by March 15, with complete articles submitted by May 15,
2014. The journal envisions translation globally as a complex set of
socio-cultural spaces of encounter that are both physical and virtual, and
we welcome exploration of those linguistic and social-cultural frontiers
where translation practice and theory are interacting most dramatically with
the dynamically changing landscape of contemporary, urban globalization and

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