CFP: Translation in Transition: between cognition, computing and technology

Call for papers

Translation in Transition: between cognition, computing and technology
* Dates: January 30-31, 2014
* Venue: Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Frederiksberg, Denmark.
The main focus of research at the CBS centre for research and innovation in translation and translation technology (CRITT) has been on developing a methodology for translation process research and developing and studying software for translation and post-editing as well as for the study of cognitive processes underlying these tasks.

Translation in transition: between cognition, computing and technology celebrates the end of CRITT’s 5-year ‘world-class’ grant from CBS. The conference will provide a forum for discussion both of how we can get to know more about how human translators exercise their skill cognitively and of how the computer can be made to help human translators, by automatically translating written text, by recognising and translating spoken utterances or –more indirectly– by logging translation events and analysing recorded process data.
We invite papers on such subjects as:
* translation process research
* reading processes (especially in translation)
* writing and post-editing processes
* intelligent machine translation (MT which learns from/adapts to human users)
* cognition and translation
* computational modelling of human translation
* speech recognition and translation
* translation expertise, in people and in systems
Important information & dates
* Abstract submission deadline: November 15, 2013. Max. 400 words. Mail to
* Notification of acceptance or rejection: December 2, 2013
* Registration deadline: December 16, 2013
* Conference fee: €100 (includes book of abstracts, coffees and lunches)
* Register and pay here (
* Conference dinner: January 30, 2013. This conference dinner will be optional and sponsored by CBS at an additional cost of €30
* Scientific committee: Laura Winther Balling, Michael Carl, Barbara Dragsted, Peter Juel Henrichsen, Arnt Lykke Jakobsen, Andreas Søeborg Kirkedal
* Keynote speakers: Annette de Groot (U. Amsterdam), Luuk van Waes (U Antwerp), Paul Kuβmaul (U. Mainz, Germersheim), Srinivas Bangalore (AT&T), Shravan Vasishth (U. Potsdam)
* Contact: Bartolomé Mesa-Lao (

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