IntelliWebSearch for medical translators

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I’m a great fan of IntelliWebSearch, a time-saving method for performing Internet terminology searches. Basically, it’s a series of keyboard-based macros that lets you click a word in any Windows application and go straight to a website that you’ve defined in your search settings using a short-cut. It was created by Michael Farrell, an Italian-English translator.

In medical translation it’s very useful for searching for drugs, diseases and terminology on sites such as the UK eMC, Medscape, EDQM Standard Terms or the EMA itself.

IntelliWebSearch is freeware, but you can pay a registration fee (the exact amount is up to you) to support this useful program. 

Once you’ve downloaded the application you’ll need to customise it for your own use. It comes with a lot of search settings already, so just pick the ones that are relevant to your speciality and languages, and add them to a group (you can set up…

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