Portuguese/English Speaking Translator

Next Ventures are currently hiring for a Portuguese/English Speaking Translator for a 3 month project based near Warsaw Poland Duration – 3 months Location – Warsaw, Poland Salary – Negotiable Languages – Portuguese/English This would probably suit a recent graduate; the role is to be based onsite with an IT company based in Poland for 3 months. Required skills: – Fluent in English (Written/Spoken/Reading/Listening) – Fluent in Portuguese (Written/Spoken/Reading/Listening) To apply for this role please forward your CV.


Um pensamento sobre “Portuguese/English Speaking Translator

  1. Hello Susana!

    My name is Maite and I am Brazilian. I work as a frelance translator from English to Portuguese or Spanish to Portuguese. I graduated with a double major in Marine Science and Anthropology for the University of Hawaii at Hilo and have experience as a translator for almost two years. Please, let me know if you have any questions, bests Maite

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