Localization World Singapore Call for Papers due October 22

Localization World Singapore
Call for Papers Deadline Is Monday, 22 October!

10-12 April 2013
Shangri-La Hotel

Localization in a shifting global economy

We all hear the news – which countries are struggling now? Which are emerging as powers? What currencies are weakening? Where are the new opportunities for growth? Which economies are emerging as the new leaders? And, how does all this affect our industry? Localization/translation/internationalization – these functions become more important as companies go global. And yet, often we see resources for localization being reduced.

For Localization World 2013, we are looking for proposals that address how localization meets the challenges of today’s worldwide economy. Have we become more efficient? How do we meet the content explosion? How can technology help? How do you tap emerging markets? Where does crowdsourcing fit in? If you have successfully experienced some of these issues, tell us about them!

The 2013 theme, Localization in a Shifting Global Economy, is not meant to restrict the content of the conference. We encourage presenters to submit proposals that fit with the general taxonomy of the Localization World conferences.

Please submit your presentation online. Proposal submission deadline: Noon Singapore time (UTC/GMT +8 hours), 22 October 2012

If you would like to keep current with all the latest news about Localization World, we invite you to follow us on twitter.

Ulrich Henes
Donna Parrish



Localization World

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