French Translator (ID: 3414)

French Translator (French Native) EU Home or Office based (Ireland) 12 month fixed contract – rates as follows, depending on following experience Technical lead. EUR144 per day (heavy engineering, agriculture, electricity, nuclear industries etc). IT translator. EUR125 per day (A junior person – soft ware translation). Precision Engineering Translator – Lead. EUR155-EUR160 per day (background in translation of technical drawing packages etc, design engineering, architects). Role: A proven background within technical translations and working experience with translation CAT tools Client BACKGROUND Our Client provides next-generation translation supply chain management that delivers market-ready, translated content-when and where the client demands-in a transactional model of daily volumes on short deadlines. We support organizations throughout the entire global content lifecycle at a fast pace of innovation in processes and technology, from authoring and product development, translation and quality assurance, to complete business process outsourcing and market validation

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