English for Law/Inglês Jurídico (Curso de Tradução), FLUL


Intensive Course/Curso Intensivo

English for Law/Inglês Jurídico (Curso de Tradução)

Eduarda Cabrita (FLUL, CEAUL-G4, GI7)

Language/Língua: English/Inglês

Dates/Horário: 12 Jul 2011 (10h00-13h00, 14h30-17h30)

Venue/Local: FLUL, sala 5.2

Fee/Inscrição: 50 € (estudantes: 25€)

Enrollment deadline/Inscrições até: 30Jun (http://englishsummercourses.yolasite.com/enroll-i-inscri%C3%A7%C3%B5es.php)


This intensive one-day course aims to offer an introduction to legal English. The theoretical component will provide the main characteristics of legal English and contract language. The practical component will focus on analysis of specific examples from English contract clauses as well as on language-based exercises, with a view to understanding words and expressions needed to navigate contracts in English.

A fairly advanced level of general English is needed.


Eduarda Melo Cabrita (FLUL, CEAUL-GI4, GI7)

Eduarda Melo Cabrita graduated in Germanic Philology from the University of Lisbon (FLUL) in 1981. She has got a Master’s Degree in Anglo-American Studies (English Literature) from FLUL. She has been teaching at FLUL since 1983 where she has taught English, Legal English and Scientific and Technical Translation. She is a qualified teacher trainer certified by the Conselho Científico-Pedagógico da Formação Contínua and is currently working on the influence of English as a lingua franca in the translation of legal documents for her PhD.

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