Comparative Literature/Postcolonial/ Gender/Translation/ Interarts Studies

Comparative Literature/Postcolonial/ Gender/Translation/ Interarts
7 – 10 September 2010
Contaminations, Dis-locations and Transfers
The aim of this “Summer School” is to promote a critical perspective on the
unstable frontiers of the disciplines in the context of the Humanities, the
Contaminations, Dis-locations and Transfers of knowledges that characterize it,
in an increasingly globalised world. Moreover, it proposes to reflect upon the
constant redefinition of methodologies and critical paradigms, as well as the
questioning of the limits of the field and the specific objects of cultural
representations. The four subject areas (Comparative Literature, Postcolonial
Studies, Gender Studies, Translation Studies and Visual Culture) addressed in
this “Summer School”, although targeted in each different workshop, should be
seen as deeply interconnected and conspiring towards the debate currently taking
place within the Humanities.
Comparative Literature, given its wide scope and its porous nature, is open to
a continuous self-reflection, to the interrogation of its field of studies and its
borders through a permanent cross-fertilisation with other disciplines and
methodologies. Thus, it will be simultaneously the backbone and the catalyst of
the transdisciplinary debate that we aim to foster in this “Summer School”.

Main Aims of this Project:
To promote transdisciplinary research among post-graduate students affiliated to
national and international research centres that focus on priority fields of knowledge
globally related to Comparative Literature; to establish contacts and working networks
among these students, by fostering intertextual dialogue. The priority research areas in
the programme of this Summer School – a pioneer experience in the Humanities in
Portugal – are: Contemporary literatures and Cultures at the crossroads with critical
theories and methodologies, namely, Post-colonial, Translation, Gender Studies,
Interarts and Visual Culture.
Students will participate in workshops where they will present and discuss their
own research projects. This Summer School will include plenary lectures by each of the
Professors and senior researchers involved. Each of the four invited professors will
deliver a lecture on one of the selected priority research areas, according to his/her
Students are strongly encouraged to attend every other workshop in the Summer
School, beyond the one where they are presenting their own project work.
This Summer School will be credited; the students after submitting their final
report will be granted 2 ECTS.

This Summer School is open to Master, Ph.D. Students and Post-doctoral
researchers in the Humanities.

Working Languages:
Portuguese and English

The workshops of this Summer School will be
conducted by:
– Prof. Susan Bassnett (University of Warwick)
Curriculum Vitae is available online:
– Prof. Paulo de Medeiros (University of Utrecht)
Curriculum Vitae is available online:
– Prof. Roberto Vecchi (University of Bologna)
Curriculum Vitae is available online:
– Prof. Sue Malvern (University of Reading)
Curriculum Vitae is available online:

CEHUM Coord.: Prof. Ana Gabriela Macedo

Centro de Estudos Humanísticos
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga – Portugal
Tel: + 351 253 604 184
Fax: + 351 253 604 164

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