Transcreation Project Manager (Translation Services)

Transcreation Project Manager (Translation Services)

Austrian Transcreation Project Manager
Swiss Transcreation Project Manager
Dutch Transcreation Project Manager
Norwegian Transcreation Project Manager

These roles offer a mix of Translation Project Management & Translations skills
(proofreading/Quality Assurance) with additional creative Judgement for client products

Project management

· Manage Transcreation projects following the approved processes , ensuring projects are delivered by the agreed target date and that the final material delivered is of the highest quality

Quality control & Management

· Ensure you manage the quality control of each project by ensuring you use the best freelancers and proofreaders and adhere to the checklist controls/templates

· Ensure that headlines are creative by always getting a second opinion from key creative contacts within the business

· Manage the freelancer resource, ensuring you are aware if your freelancers are on holiday, unavailable, busy with other work so you can plan accordingly

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