Translation Manager

Translation Manager

Job Title : Translation Manager
Job Type : Full Time
Category : Translation
Job Description :
Main Purpose of Job
You will be responsible for the management and final linguistic quality of all projects handled by your department, including in-house languages and non in-house languages. You will be responsible for the overall profitability of the department and for all projects handled by members of your team and external translators. You will be involved in planning the translation aspects of projects taken on by your team from start to finish, making sure that projects assigned to your team ‘happen’. You will need to keep involvement with all projects taken on by your team at all times, and are responsible for ensuring the correct methodology is used throughout, particularly at the start and if there are any changes to scope. You will monitor productivity to ensure that work is done efficiently, and utilisation to ensure that your team is always busy. You will develop and measure the individual skills of your team members, and create a team structure which allows effective delegation and flexibility. You will be responsible for correct resourcing and QA for projects carried out by your team. You will be actively responsible for recruitment, training and the creation & implementation of Translation Department systems and processes. You will take necessary steps to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business.
You will also be responsible for the resource Network operation in your country. This means servicing all SDL divisions and network offices looking for translation resource in your language. Special attention should be given to serving those offices which do not have any in-house translators of their own.
You will be actively involved in the recruitment of in-house translators for the whole of SDL, carrying out on-site translation tests in your office when required. You will ensure that strong links are formed with universities in your country which produce graduate translators, through visits and other regular contact. You will also attend conferences/shows for translators as part of SDL’s recruitment drives.
You will help with the recruitment of freelance translators and in finding translators who can work in specialist areas, and you will determine whether there is a need to hire a specialist translator in your office.
Scope of Job
Responsible to:
·         Office General Manager
Dotted line to Group Translation Manager
Responsible for:
·         All members of office Translation Department
Main Duties
·         Responsibility for department: full responsibility for all work carried out by your department
·         SDL processes & procedures: understanding and implementing SDL’s processes and procedures. Ensuring the team members understand and follow SDL’s procedures. Take appropriate action to ensure compliance.
·         SDL corporate culture and goals: passing on to your department members an understanding of SDL corporate culture and goals, and acting as a role model for your staff to follow
·         Linguistic support: provide full linguistic support to your office general manager, managers of other departments and project managers within your office
·         Effective resourcing: scheduling the work of each team member on short and long term basis. Projects should be allocated to team members and external translators according to their experience of subject matter and availability. Ensuring each team member organises their work in the most effective manner. Resolving project conflicts. Ensuring deadlines are met. Keeping involved in projects being worked on by your team at all times, and ensuring that team members are using the correct methodology at all times.
·         Quality: making sure quality of deliverables is above or in line with clients’ expectations. Monitoring the quality of work done by each team member and external translators. Being responsible for the end quality of the work done by the team. Organising reviews of each individual by experienced translators and carrying out formal evaluations.
·         Client satisfaction: take appropriate steps to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business. Establish direct links with clients where appropriate to ensure good communication on linguistic matters. If delivery dates cannot be met, notify SDL project manager in good time to explain reasons and propose realistic alternatives.
·         Productivity & Utilisation: monitoring the productivity & utilisation of the team. Ensuring every member of the team is working efficiently and is busy at all times. If there is no work on your site, finding alternative work within other divisions and providing a list of background tasks which your team members can take on during any unavoidable downtime which will help future projects.
·         Profitability: take responsibility for the costs of all translation project tasks from the quotation stage through to project completion. Identify the full scope of a project from the perspective of tasks and revenue. Highlight any differences to the Project Manager, and ensure the change of scope is made and accepted by the client before starting the changes to scope. Monitor closely freelance costs to ensure project profit targets are achieved.
·         Development of team members: identifying areas that need improving, and training the person to help them improve. Ensure all staff can achieve their maximum potential. Carry out regular Continuous Development Analysis (CDA) of team members, and use Skills Matrix as basis for measuring development and setting agreed objectives which are specific, measurable and achievable. If a promotion is given, provide the staff member with support and skills necessary to perform the new role.
·         Training: provide training to all team members on project-specific translation requirements, the localisation process, SDL procedures, tools, etc. Identify if training can be handled internally through mentoring or if formal training is required. Formal training needs should be listed and given to the Operations Director for approval.
·         Induction of new staff: organise induction into SDL and mentoring within team for all new members
·         Recruitment: ensuring there is enough resource in the department to handle expected revenue for the department. Working with Office General Manager to identify recruitment needs. Recruiting on a continuous basis in order to find the best people to work in the Translation Department.
·         Department structure: create a reporting structure within the department, taking into account the needs of ongoing and future projects. Ensure appropriate structure for effective delegation. See document “Trans Dept Structure.doc”.
·         Vendor Database & freelance translators: ensure that all users on your site (your team members and project managers) are following the correct procedures for using the database. Monitor the use of new translators to ensure that utilisation targets are being achieved. Take responsibility for the system to update Translation History for all site bookings.
·         Translation tools: using translation tools, primarily SDLX to enhance quality and productivity
·         Terminology: ensure the correct creation, management and archiving of terminology for all projects
·         Motivation of team: take active steps to enhance and maintain the motivation of your team
·         Proactive approach: actively contribute to improvement of systems and procedures. Identify issues and propose solutions.
·         Regular staff meetings: hold regular departmental meetings and one-to-one meetings with team members at least every 2 weeks, possibly weekly to go through week’s work, looking at ongoing objectives and training needs. Ensure all team members are kept informed of office and company-wide developments.
Network Duties
·         Servicing all SDL offices with quality resource: ensuring you can provide translation resource for all SDL offices, especially those which do not have in-house translators of their own.
·         Recruitment for SDL Group: help with the recruitment of in-house translators, and freelance translators for all offices in the SDL Group.
·         University links: ensuring there are strong links with universities, through visits and regular contact.
Performance Criteria
·         Productivity of all team members.
·         Utilisation of all team members.
·         Quality of all team members and external translators.
·         Client satisfaction in terms of repeat business and feedback on quality.
·         Achieving profitability targets for your department and all individual team members.
·         Successful development of all team members and integration of new employees within team into SDL.
·         Ability to measure team members and ability to carry out appraisal interviews. Understanding of when to promote your team members, and when to and when not to increase salaries, give bonus payments.
·         Meet objectives set in quarterly appraisals.
·         Ensure training is undertaken and progressed according to the Translation Skills Matrix.
·         Effective methodology and risk analysis on all projects taken on by your team.
·         Quality and delivery expectations met on all projects undertaken by your team.
·         Effective delegation to team members.
·         Use of new freelances by your department.
·         Being a good role model for your team to follow, adopting SDL’s corporate procedures, understanding of SDL’s culture and goals and passing on to your team enthusiasm for the work they do.
·         Providing quality translation resource in response to requests from all SDL offices.
·         Hiring sufficient high quality in-house translators to meet the needs of the SDL Group.
·         Developing productive links with universities.
·         Identifying new freelances, especially in specialist subjects when required.
Skill : Translation -> Trados
Other Skills : Knowledge of the Translation industry Knowledge of Translation Memory Tools 5 years+ experience in Management Experience in budget control Quality oriented Ability to work under tight deadlines Good communication skills (one to one – one to many) Fluent in French and English Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite

Location : Paris IDF FR 7501

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