Linguistic Tester

“Linguistic Testing Assignments in the San Francisco Bay Area

We are looking for an experienced Linguistic Testesr to work as a contractor at our client site in the Bay Area
Contractor linguists are needed for French for France, Spanish for Spain, Spanish for Mexico or US, Portuguese for Portugal, Dutch, German and Italian.
Qualifications and Responsibilities:
3-5 years on-site testing experience required; strong written and verbal communication skills in native language a must, as well as strong English skills. Telephony sector preferred; smart phones experience required, and should be noted in your resume.
Experienced in QA of localized documentation (such as Quick Start Guides), in a variety of dtp applications. Experienced in bug reporting, glossary building and statistical compilation. Must be able to work both independently and as an effective team member.
Must be detail-oriented, reliable, and possess organization, prioritization, and time management skills. Knowledge of translation tools (Trados, SDLX, Catalyst), DTP applications (InDesign, QuarkXPress, FrameMaker), web technology and any other software tools is a plus.
Must provide Medialocate a current, relevant CV (resume), which we will evaluate.
Email your CV (resume) to Write “Linguistic Tester” in the subject line.

Duration: 10-12 weeks with an option for an extension if required by the project. Start date: February & March, 2010.
Compensation: Hourly rate. Please include your expectations when you send your resume. Note: Since this is a safe opportunity for a tester lasting approximately three months, we trust that your proposed hourly rate will be reasonable and take into consideration the duration. Repeat regular assignments are also available. “

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