Interview with Aurora Humarán, chairwoman of AIPTI and Aleph Translations, by Matthew Bennett

Hello and welcome to my first ever Sunday interview podcast. Expect this to be a regular – indeed weekly – feature on my blog. Today’s Sunday interview is with Aurora Humarán (@AMHumaran) , the owner of the Aleph translation agency in Buenos Aires and since September 30 this year also founding chairwoman of the AIPTI – a new association for translators and interpreters.

Interview with Aurora Humarán, chairwoman of AIPTI and Aleph Translations

Au – as she likes to be known – very graciously invited me to become a founding member of her new association over the summer, an offer which I rather unfortunately had to decline – I’m not joining any new business projects until I get my own projects a bit more organised – something which you’ll have noticed if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to read this blog regularly for the past few months.

I did say I would love to interview her about her association though to see how things were going.

In the podcast, Au tells us:

  • How the new association is coming along;
  • Why she decided she needed to create a new association;
  • Why it wasn’t enough to just continue with her popular NdT internet forums;
  • What the ethical basis for the AIPTI is;
  • How she sees the AIPTI as being different from existing translation associations such as the American Translators’ Association or the Insitutute of Translation and Interpreting;
  • How she managed to convince such illustrious linguists as Noam Chomsky and Valentín García Yebra to become honorary members;
  • What she thinks about globalisation, big translation agencies and trends in the translation world;

Matthew Bennett

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